Aviva from Guilin, China

We met Aviva in our Hostel in Guilin, where we stayed during Chinese New Year. Aviva was one of the staff members and really helped us to enjoy ourselves in Guilin. She is a very kind woman and was interested in our project, so she answered our 5 questions to give us an insight into the water situation in China. Thank you, Aviva!

My name is Aviva, I’m 23 years old, I’m Chinese and now I‘m working in a Youth Hostel at Guilin.

For what purposes did you use water today?

Now I use water mainly for drinking and washing.

Do you know where your water is coming from?

No, I’m not really clear about where our domestic water comes from.

How do you describe your water usage?

I think I’m a little wasteful for the water use, so this source coming needs to be improved in the future, as I think.

What value does water have to you?

I think that water is the source of everything and our life is inseperable from water.

If you imagine the year 2050, how do you think the global water situation will be like?

In 2050, I think that water use will be more tensed, so we need to change our unreasonable water use from now on to make the future water environment better. That’s all.