Podcast VII – Is traveling worth the hype?

We’re awfully sorry, but this podcast is recorded solely in our mother-tongue German.

BUT there’s still hope for those of you, desperately trying to grasp how people cope with drinking water from around the world: you can check out our interviews that are in English. And read our summary of the latest episode below. Additionally you can listen to the music used in this episode so that you can at least get some vibes from our travels – you can find it at the end of the article. :-)

Travelling is very much in trend right now. The further, longer and more exotic, the better. Those who travel do not simply cross borders between countries but also boundaries of the own world view and personalities. Those who travel are able to overcome anything that limits their unimpeded development, will find themselves and become a better person. Sounds too good to be true?! We have been travelling for nine months now and have not reached a higher state of existence yet. Instead our eyes were opened for the ugly aspects of travelling.

We wanted to share our gained knowledge and recorded a new episode of our podcast about sustainable toruism.

When does tourism cause damage? What does tourism look like that everyone benefits from? How fair is our own journey? Tourism has grown in importance for the economies of entire regions like Southeastasia for example. Reason enough to examine critically what social, cultural and ecological consequences come with tourism in a globalized world that preaches nothing but its benefits for international understanding and development.

We talk about our own experiences, share the perception of other tourist and those who work in the tourist industry. As always we hope you enjoy listening and look forward to your feedback via instagram or e-mail.

In case you want to learn more we highly recommand checking out the Swiss organisation fairunterwegs and the book „Rassismus im Handgepäck“, published by Informationszentrum 3. Welt.