Podcast III – water is a human right

Congrats! 70% of your body consist of water and that’s why the 22nd of march is a day for YOU to celebrate the human right to clean water and sanitation! In the year 2019 the topic is “leaving nobody behing” since the right to water is not yet reality for everyone – especially marginalized groups experience a lack of safe drinking water. On the occasion of the World Water Day we’ve taken action and went on the streets of Hanoi to talk with local residents about the water supply in Vietnam.

There are good news and bad news for you: the bad news is that our podcasts are solely produced in our mother tongue German. We’re awfully sorry, if you can’t understand a word of it BUT the good news are, that we’ve covered the whole content in two articles that will soon also be available in English. *yey*

So if you’re interested in the background story to the human right for water or the 22nd of march, the World Water Day, with sources and all the likes, read our article “World Water Day – what you’ve got to know“. And we’ve also got your back if you’ve become curious about our street survey from Hanoi. The results with an inclusive photo gallery can be found here: “water is a human right – not yet reality?

*the original podacast was aired on the 25th of march on the local radio station radioflora there is also loads of good music in our podcast, but since we don’t have the licences from GEMA thus having to fear tremendous penalties if we upload the songs on our website we can only help you out with this Spotify playlist to get in the mood of Southeast Asia.

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