Podcast I – Water is Life

We’ve produced this premiere during our first month of travelling and it’s all about water being essential to life on earth. At the 11th of december we started our journey from Hannover, spent the following weeks in Riga, an eco-Village in Moisama (where we interviewed the lovely Selve, find the videos here), St. Petersburg and Moscow. Along the way we discussed with different people about their relationship to water. In spite of different living conditions they were united by the luxury to always have access to safe drinking water that is deeply involved in their daily lifes. To them water usage happens incidental without putting any thought into it but still they agreed that it’s indispensable because WATER IS LIFE!

Sorry for all the english speaking peeps: yes, the three of us do produce monthly podcasts but solely in german, since that is our mother-tongue; also the podcasts are being published on a german radio station.

But the good news is, that we will be posting english substitute articles or summaries for many of our future podcasts – maybe with galleries to give you an impression of the places we’ve seen, also you can hear our spotify playlists with the songs from our episodes belowso it’s worth checking them out. As this episode mainly served as an introduction to ourselves and Libertàqua you can get more information about us here.