Selve from Estonia about living in an Eco Village

We met Selve, 47 years old, in the Eco Village “Mõisamaa” nearby Riga, Estonia. Her interview from the 26.12.2018 gives an authentic and honest insight into her daily life as a member of a community striving towards becoming more socially, culturally, and ecologically sustainable in joint efforts. Furtherly Selve explains why she chose this anti-indiviualistic way of living for herself and her two children and shares her critical thoughts on sustainable living in the Estonian coutryside.

The Eco Village Mõisamaa was founded seven years ago and is home for around 30 adults and children, some being a part from the beginning, whilst others joined in along the way. The scenery of the small Village cannot be better put into words than by comparing it with a peaceful and calm setting of an Astrid Lindgren childrens book – a handful of old, stony houses, large kitchen gardens, during winter times firewood in every corner, iron ovens, comfortable carpets, gingerbread and tea against the cold of the north.

As usual the precisely transcripted interview is attached down below, to give you the chance to read the uncut version of our friendly talk with Selve.