About us

Why water?!

Water is life. If this ressource is being threatened by current water crises then living existence is being threatened alltogether. Nowadays horror scenarios of a global water crisis are becoming reality. Still we’re lacking an adequate reaction by society. The years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 each were the warmest years since the beginning of weather records. Climate  change will come and it will affect the mass of water on earth irreversibly – with severe consequences: sea-level rise, glacier  meltdown, floodings, drying up, an increase of natural disasters and innumerbale species vanishing from our planet forever.

For life on earth it’s existencial to have an access to clean drinking water. Alarmingly drinking water is increasingly rare. Global conflicts about the distribution of the blue gold are approaching fast – rooted in the unequal availability of water in different regions of the world and a growing pressure to privatisation.

At the moment we’re living in paradise. In many industrialized coutries water flows straight from the tab, at any time and rate, warm or cold. Drinkable, for private use, for transportation, for agriculture or the industry – the global north is using water to such an extent, that the rest of the world is suffering the consequences.

But even people in the Fortess Europe have reason to doubt their safety: heat records, periods of drought, drawdown and a vague concern, that existing political and social structures won’t be able to call a halt before it’s too late.

A responsible management of water is not in sight, which can be frustrating for those with a small room for manoeuvre, knowing what will happen to us, when we’ll continue business as usual.

What is Libertàqua?

We wish to fill the well-known phrase “water is life” with real meaning. Immediate private and public actions are necessary to stop water crises, mitigate their effects for affected persons and establish water justice around the world.
Therefore we want to learn about the meaning that water has to different people from different places. How much do they need and what do they use it for? Where does it come from and how mindful is their usage of water?

To find some answers we’re going on a big journey to get to know people that share their worries and thougts with us. In addition to that we’ll publish background articles and share some water specific travel experiences with you. We hope to create a patchwork about the ressource of water that will become more colorful on our journey.

What’s the plan?!

There is no completely structured plan for our journey. We only arranged in advance, what was necessary (to apply for the visa) in order to remain flexible and react to encounters on site as spontaniously as possible. On the picture you can see our preliminary travel route from Germany via Eastern Europe, Russia and China to Southeastasia. We’re only traveling overland.

On this website you will find photos, videos, background texts and interviews, that we will create along the way. For more personal travel impressions take a look at our instagram. Moreover we’re producing a podcast monthly for the web radio “Radio Flora”. Most of it will be in German, but we will also fill it with a lot of nice music and sounds we find on our way – don’t worry, if you drop by here regularly, you can’t miss anything. ;-)

Who are we?

We are Emma, Elena and Nina and have started Libertàqua – that means we are planning and realizing our journey and everything about autonomously. The three of us have finished school in summer 2018 and decided to go on an adventure. You can contact us here.

During our travels we boycot the plane as a massive climate killer. Also we do try our best to live sustainably and sufficiently.